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OC3 2021 was an amazing event about Confidential Computing with incredible insights from exiting speakers.
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About OC3

The Open Confidential Computing Conference (OC3) is the online conference for all topics related to Confidential Computing (CC).

In a nutshell, Confidential Computing enables the always encrypted and verifiable processing of data on potentially untrusted computer systems - could be your own computer or a machine in the cloud. While this addresses many security and privacy problems and enables exciting new data-driven business models, only few people know how to use Confidential Computing and even fewer have applied it in practice. OC3 aims to help change this.

OC3's focus lies on open-source software. Only with a solid open-source foundation Confidential Computing will strive. Let's build it together!

OC3 2021 featured talks on the following open-source confidential computing projects and more:

Speakers include CC experts and key open-source contributors from Alibaba, Arm, Ant Financial, Baidu, ByteDance, Edgeless Systems, Google, Intel, Microsoft and Red Hat.

Featured Sessions

Felix Schuster, Edgeless Systems

Confidential Computing 101

Simon Johnson, Intel

Scaling Confidential Computing

Moritz Eckert, Edgeless Systems

EGo & Marblerun

Mike Bursell, Red HaT


Stefano Tempesta, Microsoft

Confidential Kubernetes Containers

Tiziano Santoro, Google

Project Oak
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"It is amazing to gather such an amazing panel and make a conference so open. We could attend for free, ask questions and even participate if we wished, in the breakout rooms. I think other conferences need to see this approach and take notes."

"Great people were involved, leaving the impression of talking with the industry reasearch leaders. The remote experience came closer to a real conference then any other format i saw during corona times so far."

"Excellent job! I hope the event will repeat some time in the future!"


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